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Photo Search

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Note: this search page was just put together on the weekend of March 2, 2019 so please let me know if there are any issues or suggestions with it. Thanks.

First, decide if you want to search for your term in all of the available places searched (click on first box) or to restrict the search to one of more of the particular fields available.

Second, enter into the Search field the string for which you wish to search. Note that the search is NOT case sensitive and simply looks for strings, possibly within other strings. So "Al" would also return instances of "Allen" while search for "Allen" would also return "fallen".

Finally, hit the submit button. Also, note that if you are looking for photos of a particular person, you are better off looking in the subsets page and then find the name listed. Likewise, this is the place to find photos at a particular place, in a particular grouping and so on. The Subsets page has a lot to offer, but this page allows searching within the specific fields given above.