Family History Search

Use this page to search within the family history site. Because the site is so large, the focus for the index machine was to prioritize names, not places, so keep that in mind. Even so, there are still too many pages to index all of them. Therefore, what you find from this search you should view as a subset of all the references of a person. Therefore, you may wish to use the other menu options to search in these structured approaches.

If you click on "index", you will see the list of 'words' that have been indexed. Clicking on "sitemap" does not give much more that the menu gives you here except the static records pages. Clicking on "advanced" gives you the opportunity to submit a more complicated search pattern (including exact phrases and combining searches with AND, OR and NOT -- without needing to know these terms). Check it out or try out the "search tips" for more explanations on how to use the advanced search.

NOTE: if you just want to search for a particular name (or part of a name), either first or last (or middle or married), use the Name Search menu item. This will return a list of names (with links to additional information) of the names with the name of interest.

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