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Photo FastRestrict

This is an alternative to Photo Restrict, which is more powerful but a little tedious since it typically takes at least two steps to make it more powerful than what is able from Photo Subsets. This option, is a one-step process but there is less flexibility.

To use this, decide what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you want to find the photos that contain two particular people, find their names in the first two drop-down lists. If you want 3 or 4 people together, add them in the first four menus. Suppose you are looking for a particular person in a given year in a given location, then find the person's name in the Person1 drop-down, choose the appropriate Year, and then also choose the appropriate Place. Note that you can choose as many options as you wish, but it is better to be less specific than overly specific. The main reason for this is that after you get some output, you choose choose PhotoRestrict at the top and one further restriction using the "slow" PhotoRestrict. (Note that you won't get any photos if you choose contradictory restrictions such as wanting a collection from Al's collections but then choose Ed as the source or a grouping set in 1975 but then set the date to 1980.)

Keep in mind that your search will only be as good as how much data has been entered into the photos. There are MANY photos for which names, dates, and places have NOT been assigned, so if the photo you want does not show up, it may not have had the data assigned yet. Do you wish to help? Contact me!

Assumptions: All chosen fields will be joined with AND so that that all the restrictions apply. Following the Year is an option to add a plus or minus from the year to cushion the search. When a Place is chosen, the default assumption will be as inclusive as possible. In other words, if you choose Sherburne county, Minnesota for the place, it will also return those with further specificity, including those in Haven Township or a home within Haven Township, or in Elk River, MN and so on.

Fields with * are required.