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Set A - starting set of photos

[If you are just trying to build a new set of photos beyond what the Subsets page provides, always start with 'Use all photos'. However, in all other cases, always use 'Previously selected photos'.]
Be SURE this is what you want.

Set B - second set of photos

[For this section, you MUST choose ONE of either Person, Year, Keyword, Grouping, Place, or Source. If none are chosen, you will be sent back here. If you use two options, only the first one will be employed.]
[After choosing the person, you can leave it to just this person, or extend to include the person's spouse(s), children, parents, siblings, or family with spouse and children or family with parents and siblings.]
[After choosing the year, leave the second menu to 0 if you want the exact year. However, if you want a rage of years, choose a value of how far to go up and down.] Example:
[If you wish to use the exact place given, the leave the second menu as is. However, use the second option to also include those with more detail.] Example:

How to Combine the two sets

[See directions below before using (unless a mathematics major).] Example:

How to sort the presentation of photos


Note: this build page was just put together in the first week of March 2019 so please let me know if there are any issues or suggestions with it. Thanks.

Purpose: This page was built since there have been times that I would like to see all the photos with two people in it together (say Marcia and myslef) or I want to see photos of Marcia during 1960 in Minnesota. Or perhaps you want to see all photos with the keyword "plants" that are Montana or see the photos take in a particular place like Stearns county in the 1960s. This page allows one to view such sets that are more complicated than presented in the Subsets page.

Review of p's and q's (or set theory): Suppose that we have a set A = {1, 2, 3, 4} and a set B = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10}. If we want to know which values in A AND B, we want to know the intersection of these two sets, namely what values are in common. In this case, it is the set {2, 4}. Similarly if we want to know which values are in A OR B, we want to know the union of these two sets, namely collect values from either set, but list repeats. In this case, it would be {1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10}.

Apply to photos: Suppose that we want to view all the photos that have both Al and Marcia. First, we would find all the photos that contain Al and then find all those that contain Marcia, and then take the intersection to find those that are in both lists. (Note that some of these photos may contain other people, but they should contain both of us.) A slight variation would be that we may wish to find all the photos that contain either of us. Then, instead of taking the intersection of these two lists, we would take the union, meaning combine them together into one list and remove the duplicates. Alternativelyl, suppose that we wish to find all the photos that contain Al but do NOT include Marcia. Then, we would look at all of those that contain Al and remove those in the first list that are in the list containg Marcia. This is denoted Al AND NOT Marcia. In the example in the previous pargraph, A AND NOT B would be {1, 3}.

How to do it: Al and Marcia. Let us suppose that we that wish to see all the photos that contain Al and Marcia. Since we are just starting to build this collection of photos, for set A we at first choose "Use all photos", since we are going to first build the collection of all that contain Al and we start with the whole batch. For set B, we use the Person menu (only) and find Al Hibbard. Then in the the combining portion, choose the first option of AND or intersection. Finally, if you care, modify the order that these are sorted. Then hit the Submit button. This will produce a new page with all the photos of Al. From this page, near the top, click on the link to Restrict this set. You will then be brought back to this same page. This time, for set A, choose the "Previously selected photos", namely those containing Al. For the second set, find Marcia Hopkins in the Person list and choose the first option again for combining the lists with AND or intersection. Sort accordingly and submit. Now you should see all the photos with both of us. If you wish to again restrict this list of photos that contain both of us to those taken in 1980, click on the Restrict link, come back here, use Previously selected photos, then choose the year 1980, use AND again and submit.