Genealogy: Organization and Storage

Will your efforts live longer than you?


  1. database file(s) from genealogy program(s)
  2. source materials, including records, photos, obits, notes, clippings, family histories, books, and more


  1. database files are already digital and should be preserved by digital means. These can be stored on hard drives, flash drives, CDs, in the cloud (DropBox)
  2. source materials - aim for scanning/digitizing as much as possible and then properly store originals in archival type of storage containers, particularly for more important documents and photos. Also consider humidity and dust.

    Digitized copies should then be stored as other digital items. Naming convention should be used (e.g., ObitLastNameFirstNameYear, and so on). Also provide as complete citation for each item before you forget the source. Should be noted for each scanned copy somehow with file and with original (not on a sticky note that you attach to a photo!)


How much time do you like to waste? Save or backup often.





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