Preparing for Death: for yourself or others

This is the title of a group that I, with Beth Loux, will be leading at Third Reformed Church (Pella, IA) that is scheduled for Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 7:45 from January 21 to March 10 (2020), meeting in the right side of the Place of Prayer (between the Sanctuary and the Auditorium). Here is the description used for the group:

We spend time getting ready for meals, dates, exams, interviews, proposals, vacations, visits, competitions, births, retirement, services and so much more. How much time do we spend preparing for our own death or for someone else's? What does the Bible tell us about this transition into eternity and how to die well? What concrete steps can we take to make this transition easier? We will learn to prepare for death by spending about half of each session discussing a topic (often guided by a guest expert) and the other half by discussing the excellent book "Dying Well" by John Wyatt.

Below are a variety of links to materials of use for this group. The Annotated Action Steps and the Resources are the two pages that may of the most value since the others are either handed out or done in class. As you read the book, and want to know more about some the people or places mentioned, you can check out the Book comments page that I built as I read the book and wanted to learn more.