Choices for working with Photo Data

  • Browse photos (via Subsets) - Here you can get an overview of all the photos organized by source, collection, year, grouping, keyword, people within photo, place of photo and so on. This is usually the best place to start unless you have a specific goal in mind (and even then this may be best).
  • Restrict photos - Here you can have a more intelligent browsing by specifying restrictions on which ones to view. This a versatile option and very effective (but only reflects the amount of processing of the photos that has been done so far), but takes a little bit of effort. Items to restrict by: Name, year, place, source, grouping, keyword and then they can be combined by using AND, OR, or AND NOT and also a sort order can be specified.
  • FastRestrict photos - This is similar to the previous one with the advantage that you might be able to find your photos more quickly because you can specify more constraints at once, though it has less flexibility. This is useful if you are looking for photos that contain 2 to 4 specific people. You can also specify a year or place or other descriptors to keep restricting the search
  • Search photos - This allows one to search for a (partial or complete) string within the annotation, label, description, comments, or transcription (if applicable), or all of these. Quite handy to look for text associated with a photo.
  • Photos with Questions - This allows you to view those questions for which questions are posed. Maybe you can help answer the question.
  • Random Photos - This displays 100 random photos - just for fun.
  • Recent Additions - This displays the most recent additions to the photos/documents database
  • Recent Edits - This displays which photos were most recently edited, in reverse chronological order.