Immediate family
This will give a brief overview of my immediate family; same as what is un the Personal menu.
Extended family history
Family Photos - private
Albums of pictures that I have take from events in the recent years are provided here. This is restricted to those to whom I have given a username and password.
Family history data - for the public
This is an extended site for looking at the history and genealogy of my family. This includes birth records and certificates, death records and certificates, marriage records, censuses, photos and more. This data is restricted to those who are currently deceased for those who enter in this path (although there is a login at this site comparable to what is given below). See below for an alternative, inferior, but perhaps faster, view of some family records.
Family history data - for the family
See the item above for a description. The difference here is that you need to have a user name and password to view this site; contact me if you need one. The only difference is that this does not have the restriction of the above path.
Static Records data - for the public
This page lists a number of pages that are taken periodically as snapshots of the various records of the dynamically generated pages in the link above. These include birth records and certificates, death records and certificates, social security death records, obituaries, cemetery records, tombstone records, and newspaper clippings.
Notes on presentations given my me or by others