Cemetery lot work at Oakwood

These instructions are only relevant for Ron. From the menu at the top of this page, select CemLots. This brings up the index page for cemetery lots. Click on the Manage Cemlots option in the upper right. Doing so gives a page where I have listed the actual pages that are currently available for work. [Older instructions follow, some relevant, some not.] Below this, in the text box below the Lot Page heading, put in the page number of the file that you are doing. For example, try page 325 (324 is included above as a completed example, if you like) and enter 325 in this box. Hit enter while cursor is still after the 5 in 325. Then, open up the lot page file in question (325.pdf). In this case, you should note that this file has lots numbered 13, 14, and 15 and these are all already listed for this page in the adminRS page. To proceed, you first want to make sure that the following columns have data: Lot Number, Lot Page, Lot Section. Lot Name is not used for the ones currently being considered. Lot index is a number that is automatically assigned on creation. Lat is the latitude and longitude entered after first finding the lat/long for an individual in the lot (via the person's interment record and/or Find a Grave, after first making sure that it is accurate by clicking on the lat/long in FAG), the Date Edited just shows the last time this record was modified and finally Status indicates how much work as been done: nothing entered means exactly that; Added means that simply the record for this lot has been created but no names matched to it yet; Partial means that some of those buried in this lot have been matched to this lot in their individual interment record; Complete means that all burials have been matched; Confirmed means that all the burials have been matched so that all burials listed in the Lot book have entries in the Interment book and all burials in this lot number and section found in the Interment book are also listed in the Lot book.

Note that if when a page number is entered there is one or more missing lot numbers, then use the Create Cemlot option on the right to create the missing lot number(s), entering in the basic information requested, optionally skipping the lat/long for now.

Once each lot number on the page has a record showing up in the Manage Cemlots web page, we begin matching burials. Open up the first lot number not marked as Complete by clicking on the link "all in lot" in the first column. This will bring up a page listing all those buried in this lot, if any, that have already been matched. This lists the basic information about the person purportedly buried in this lot in this section. The columns are described as follows: Interment gives the interment number that is linked to give the full view of this person's information from the interment book, the interment page number in (), the link "Updt" that you will use to update the lot information for this person; Location gives the the section letter/name (that is linked to give a list of all the lot numbers currently matched with this section, each number being a link to a page like the one being viewed), the lot #, and the page #; Grv.# indicates the sequence that burials in this lot have occurred with the first burial in this lot being assigned 1 and then increasing; Plot# is a number corresponding to a location within the lot (see the Update link to see how these are numbered and also below); Find-a-Grave id is simply a link to the FAG page for the person at Oakwood; Lat/Long is the lat/long for this person, if already given; Name, Sex, Birth, Age, Death are self-explanatory and Photo Status is a judgement that I have made on some of the FAG photos of the tombstone, which can be assigned or modified on the Updt page. Ideally, the list of names given on this page may match identically with the names on the Lot Book page under investigation, but don't count on it. The goal on this page is to investigate each name and use the Updt link to add in the grave #, plot #, match the Lot Book id and more so that this page has all data in the first five columns complete for each person listed and for each person in Lot Book page's lot of interest.

To complete this process, begin with grave number 1 in the lot of interest in the Lot Book for the page of interest. If the person's name is already on this lotview page, great; we only need to update his/her record to gather the needed information. If the person is not there, see the next paragraph. For the person who is there, click on the "Updt" link for the person. This brings up a page to update the details associated with the interment record of the person. The general look and feel will be similar to what was seen when updating or double-checking an interment record in the past, but many items are not shown and most of the basic data from the interment book is not intended to be edited here. You will see that the FAG number can be changed, if an error is found. In this paragraph, we assume that the record already had the proper section letter, lot number and lot book page number assigned. What needs to be done is to assign the grave number as found in the lot of focus in the Lot Book page under consideration, and then the plot # as described in the update page and shown two-dimensionally below. To assign the correct value, assuming that the lot is rectangular, look at the table below and image of the lot with graves assigned and choose the appropriate number. Next, type in the name with the same spelling as in the Lot book, even if different from the Interment book. In this paragraph, I believe that the Lot id should already be assigned, but if not, scroll through this drop down menu (though typing the section letter will get you in the right section). Next, if the spouse is buried in the same lot (this may take some effort and either FAG or the interment record may help to find the right person), find the person in the drop down menu. This is a LONG menu: it best to type the last name to get to the right portion and then look for first name, or interment ID (given in Lot book), or section-lot number. The next items are meant to give the status of a few facts, the first three related to the FAG record. These three are completely optional; I mainly added them to help me track this information. For the Section Status, only modify if there is some error for this person in the Lot book and then choose that option. For the Lot Status, if the name, section, lot, interment # in the Lot book matches what is in the Interment book, indicate Full Agreement. Choose other options accordingly unless this option already has a value, then please leave it as is and let me know of the additional problem.


If a person is listed in the Lot book for the lot under consideration but not listed in the Lotview apge, then we need to find this person in the interment book and match additional facts as well. To get started, first choose Find Interment in the upper right. This will allow you to search for the person that was missing. It is easiest to just use the interment number from the Lot Book and enter it into the box under Interment Num and hit enter. This should limit the listing to just the one person being sought. Click on the Updt link. This is just like in the previous paragraph but a different way of obtaining the link. In this case, one or more of the Section, Lot, or Lot Bk Pg needs to be filled in from the Lot Book. Then continue as in the previous paragraph.

After repeating the process for everyone listed in the Lot Book, hopefully there are no more names that were already in the Lotview page. If there are some, please let me know the section and lot or better, just copy the url of the lotview page and mail it to me and I will investigate. Assuming that all the matches have been made, refresh the lotview page to just confirm that it is done. Next we wish to go back and update the details of the lot record. Above the listing of people buried in this lot is a box that is intended to show lots adjacent to the current lot. (Ignore this for now; a map is needed to make these assignments.) Above this should be a link given as "edit it here". Click on that link. At this point, you should now to be able to modify the Status at the bottom of this page to reflect what is done with this lot (and described more completely earlier). If you feel up to it, you could also assign a lat and long for this lot by using the lat / long from one of the burials (using the previous page). If none were listed there, this can be found (perhaps) on the Find a Grave page. I have added lat/long for about 95% of Oakwood so there may be some missing. If you do this, great; if not, no big deal. This will then complete the work for that lot. Which may seem like a lot (pun intended) but it starts going fast once you get the big picture of what is being done.

Thanks for being willing to tackle this, Ron. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, there may be errors or omissions from these instructions. Also let me know when you run out of pages. Thanks. Thanks!