Comparing Find a Grave to Interment book

These are the steps needed to compare the Find a Grave entries for Oakwood cemetery against what is in the Interment database for the cemetery..

  1. Open up, on another screen (if available), the Oakwood cemetery website at Find a Grave in a browser
  2. In the "Last Name" box, enter in your specified letter(s) (to view all the records at this cemetery whose last name begins with the specified letter(s)) and click on "Search".
  3. In the Find a Grave listing produced, right-click on the first entry whose LAST name begins with the specified letter and open it up in a new tab. Skip those whose Maiden name (italicized names) starts with your letter.
  4. Viewing the chosen person's record, it will list (perhaps with some parts incomplete) the name, birth info, death info, burial info and then the "Memorial ID". Select (double-click) the Memorial ID and copy it to your clipboard.
  5. Open up FAG check page in a separate screen (if possible). Below the instructions on that page, paste the copied FindAGrave ID (i.e., Memorial ID) into the box under the "Find-a-Grave Id" heading. Then hit the enter key. This should find all the entries with this ID. Ideally, there should be exactly one; more is a problem and also none is a problem. In either of these problem cases, on your note paper, write down the ID, the name, and whether there were several or none.
  6. Now click on the "update" link in the third column. This will open up a new window. The page mostly lists some information about what we THINK the person should be (if matched correctly) and also two check boxes and three drop down menus. Follow the instructions there. If you have any commments, place these into the box toward the bottom. When done, click the "Update" button. You can then dismiss the View page that summarizes the details for this person. You can also close the specific Find a Grave page for that person just updated.
  7. Now go back to step 3 in this list and choose the next person in the list whose LAST name (not italicized maiden name) begins with your letter. Continue by repeating steps 3-7. Thanks.

Below are examples of Find a Grave entries with various issues. Review these, as needed.