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Section: D; lot #: 7

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The link on the interment number in the first column gives the full details of the chosen interment record. The page number within the interment book is also given.

The second column (Location) gives the particular section on is viewing and then particular lot within that section. Also provided is the page within the lot book where this information was obtained. Additionally, clicking on the link for the Section within this column lists all the other lots within this section (that have been entered thus far) with links for each lot to reveal another page like this one.

The link in the Find-A-Grave column takes one to the corresponding page within the Find a Grave web site. There may be additional information of value there. Finally, the link in the Lat/Long column provides a map within Google Maps that shows where this particular grave site is located. If a lat/long for a person is missing, you can find the approximate site by clicking on any other lat/long value since these lots are within short distances from each other.

Note to administrators: to edit the specific fields for this lot, edit it here.

The following table shows the lots surrounding the current lot (the centered one). If there is a link for a neighboring lot, clicking on it will bring up a page similar to this one but for the adjacent lot. If there is no link, this means the data has not yet been entered for the lot.

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IntermentLocationGrv. #Plot#Find-a-Grave idLat/LongInter NameLot NameSexBirth (calc)Birth (given)AgeDeathPhoto Status
#: 3294.0 (pg 144) Updtsection: D lot: 7 (pg. 314) 138792451Bogaard [Bogaards], Peter A27 Dec 1945Looks fine
#: 4626.0 (pg 180) Updtsection: D lot: 7 (pg. 314) 138792434Bogaards, Mrs. Peter [Gertrude] F30 May 187589y 2m 7d6 Aug 1964Looks fine