Photos by Grouping

Below is a list of groupings that have currently been used to catalog the photos in this database. Clicking on a link will bring up all photos for that grouping. In addition, two other pages where one can view photos: index or index2

1913 Jesse with friends1914 Edna on river1918 wedding - Jesse and Edna
1920 Itasca trip1921 JEH Gathering1921 Pilley, Sylvia +
1922 JEH backyard striped canopy shades1923 Hauskey gathering1925 Biggerstaff river picnic
1929 Hibbard & Biggerstaff trip to north1942 Smith gathering1943 wedding - Melvin and Pat Volkenant
1948 Ed Hibbard weds Virginia Smith1950 Building Erickson Plymouth home1951 winter farm gathering of cousins
1952 Christmas1954 Glacier to Banff1955 Canada trip
1956 - Riding National Park (Manitoba, Can)1956 Chase Lake1956 Chase Lake
1957 - at Pat's1958 - 40th anniversary of Jesse and Edna1959 Mo. R. picnic
1959 Riverdale lookout picnic1960 Smokies trip1961 Glacier
1963 - building house1963 NC trip1964 - Smith reunion in Wahpeton, ND
1965 canoe trip1965 Itasca trip1965 Puerto Rico and Virgins Islands
1965 snow1966 east sans kids1966 wedding - Linda Erickson and Wayne
1967 Yellowstone1968 Riverdale1968 Riverdale, ND trip
1968 wedding - Karen Erickson and Jack Thomas1969 Beving Wahpeton reunion1969 Dryborough, Manitoba fishing
1969 east with kids1969 Pat's funeral1970 Colorado
1971 - 100th bday farm1971 wedding - Keith and Linda1972 Greece
1972 Mom to Greece1972 wedding - Ken and Lauren1972 wedding - Laurel and Cesar
1972, May - Rothsay, Wilkin, MN region1974 west1975 Canadian fishing trip
1975 Easter photos1975 Hawaii1975 Mexico
1975 wedding Eva and Harry Halv.1976 Mexico visit1976 trip west with Bruce, mom and dad
1976 wedding - Becky and Denny1976 wedding - Ed and Cindy1977 cabin visit by Smiths
1977 Hibbard reunion1977 Isle Royal1977 Manitoba fishing trip
1977 Padre Island1978 wedding - Al and Marcia Hibbard1978? Caribean cruise
1979 Big Oaks Reunion1979 Mexico1979 Mexico fishing?
1981 funeral of Eva Goodale Smith1981 wedding - Lou and Jan1983 (Oct) NW Minn
1983 Alaska trip1984 Alaska trip1984 ND deer hunting
1984/85 Smith gathering(s)1985 funeral for Ed Hibbard1985 historic trip with Sylvia
1985 trip to PA with mom and Dorothy1987 trip to FL to see Hopkins1987 wedding Kristi and Doug
1988 Mom to China1988 Mom to CO1988 wedding - Bruce and Mary
1989 April - mom with brother Don and Susan's wedding1989 December family gathering1989 Mom to Mexico
1989 trip to PA by Ginny1990 - Al in Yucatan1990 Christmas gathering at ?
1990 Italy trip - Al & Marcia1990 Tulip Time at Pella1991 (June) Rocky Mountain National Park/Ft. Collins
1991 Canadian Rockies Bike Trip - Al1991 trip to cabin with Don & Fonda1991 Wedding - Ron and Viriginia
1992 - July Hopkins gathering in Milaca1993 Christmas gathering1994 Florida trip
1995 Christmas at Oehrleins1995 family reunion in St. Cloud1996 Israel trip
1997 trip to Arizona to Viv and Art's1998 Mom to East2003 Hibbard reunion
2005 Duluth wedding2005 Hibbard reunion - Keith'sBig Lake reunion
Big Lake ReunionBig Oak ReunionCanada slides
Christmas gatheringsEaster gatheringsElk River fishing
extended family gatheringsextended family gathersgenealogical records for family
Genealogy - Hibbard familyGinny in PAIndianapolis visit to Lou
ItascaJacob's Well CoffeehouseJEH - Correspondence
JEH - EducationJEH - FarmJEH - HibbardFamily
JEH - miscJEH - personalJEH finances/will
Keith's duck projectLaurel's Hibbard history paperMI shots
Midwest Pioneers, Section IMidwest Pioneers, Section IIMidwest Pioneers, Section III
Midwest Pioneers, Section IVMidwest Pioneers, Section VMN big game hunting
MN small game huntingMT big game huntingMT big game hunting
ND big game huntingND shotsND small game hunting
Trip east - mom and Sylvia