Education 451: Secondary Mathematics Methods

Fall, 2011 -- Allen Hibbard


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course serves as an introduction to the methods and curriculum in mathematics in the middle and secondary grades. We will explore the national principles and standards for school mathematics. We will also discuss the challenge of teaching mathematics as we work on improving your ability to do long and short term planning, teach more effective lessons, develop problem solving skills in your students, use technology to enhance your lessons, and learn to develop appropriate assessment tools.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is required. You cannot participate in a discussion or practice using tools if you are not in class. Contact Wendy ahead of time (when possible) if you will miss class.

HOMEWORK: We will have several long reading assignments during the course. It is expected that you look head in the schedule (posted on Blackboard) and plan accordingly. Late work will incur a penalty.

GRADING ALLOCATION: The course grade will be determined by the following allocation:

Homework & Discussion 45%
Micro Lesson Plans, Presentations, Reflections 25%
Unit Lesson Plan 30%

GRADES: Based on the allocation weighted as above, a letter grade will then be awarded as delineated below.

A : [93, 100] A- : [90, 93) B+ : [88, 90) B : [82, 88)
B- : [80, 82) C+ : [78, 80) C : [72, 78) C- : [70, 72)
D+ : [68, 70) D : [62, 68) D- : [60, 62) F : [0, 60)

OFFICE HOURS: I will be available in To confirm availability, please feel free to call (5133) or email ( to make an appointment for a different time, or simply stop by.