Are you sick and feel that you need to miss class?

First, let me remind you that I do not have an attendance policy. That being said, as a student, you are generally much better off being in class than not; you have paid (or will) for your college experience, so don't throw it away.

There are times when you obviously shouldn't come to class when you are sick. Certainly if you are highly contagious or you will need to repeatedly excuse yourself to visit the bathroom, it may be best for you not to come. It becomes a bit more gray in other circumstances. As a general rule of thumb, a good way of deciding if you should attend class or not is to think about how you would answer the following two questions.

If you end up missing class due to illness, see if you can find someone who can bring your assignment to class (or to my office). You may also want to notify all of your professors of your absence. Also, keep in mind that if we have a quiz, this can not be made up (but the lowest quiz will be dropped). I also encourage you to find someone who takes good notes and ask to borrow them briefly. Also, be sure to look at the page that lists the assignments and the page that lists the activities that tells what we did. Take care of yourself so that you can have a speedy recovery!