Extra Credit opportunities

Throughout the semester there are various on-campus cultural (or academic) events such as concerts, plays, speakers, debates, and so on. If you attend one of these events and then do a write up soon afterwards, you become eligible for (up to) 10 extra credit points in the homework category (assuming that you follow the guidelines -- less if not followed fully). If you are not sure if the event qualifies, ask ahead. You may do up to three of these during the semester.

Your writeup needs to be an email to me (hibbarda@central.edu), composed in or pasted into your email client, not an attached Word file, that addresses the following points and should be sent within one week of the event. The length should be about ONE PAGE in length (but not longer), and it should represent some serious reflection on the event. Address (in paragraph form):

  1. What was the event? Describe who, when, where, and so on
  2. Why did you choose this event?
  3. What did you take away from the event? In other words, what did you learn or like or find interesting (or not like or find uninteresting).